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The 'Concert Cabaret'
Looking for a themed evening of musical entertainment for your resturant, dinner, hospitality or club event, then the Tartan Tenor has you covered. Choose from a stunning selection of themed concert cabarets packed with spine-tingling music, infectiously humorous banter, all laced together with style, charm and sosphistication. With a tailorable format to best compliment a lunch or dinner service, a concert cabaret is the perfect atmospheric addition to your event. Hire the Tartan Tenor and choose from a variety of popular themed packaged below:

A Night at the Musicals with the Tartan Tenor

A Touch of Class...ical with the Tartan Tenor

A Taste of Italy with the Tartan Tenor

Swing When You're Winning with the Tartan Tenor

Step into Christmas with the Tartan Tenor

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